Chad Stose Yoga


I grew up with an awkward relationship to my body. I was in my head a lot, fairly clumsy and wasn't so keen on exerting myself. When I started meditating over twenty years ago, I became fascinated with the idea of embodiment, but it wasn't until eleven years ago when I began practicing yoga and found my body that I connected the dots. Using these tools for self-development, I have since been featured in Yoga Journal and teach yoga workshops around the country. I am also an executive coach and management consultant doing developmental work with professionals—from sole proprietors to Fortune 500 executives—in finding balance, meaning, and purpose.

I teach yoga from a strong, ten-year background in Anusara Yoga, specialize in healing injuries, and include elements from many other styles of yoga as well as the martial arts and Pilates. Drawing upon my graduate work in Culture Studies, I bring our embodied experience into a rich and relevant cultural context.

Chad Stose, M.A., is an Anusara-Inspired yoga teacher with over one thousand hours of training in the Anusara lineage.

Chad was featured in the September 2010 issue of Yoga Journal. He has edited an instructional yoga book, and has assisted internationally recognized yoga teachers. Chad also works for Sunflower Wellness, bringing yoga and restorative movement to people with cancer.

Chad currently lives in San Francisco and travels the country giving workshops, private lessons, and yoga therapy, specializing in healing injuries.


"I met Chad at the very beginning of my yoga journey. I had not enjoyed my first class (with someone else) and came to his class quite discouraged. That very class transformed my experience about yoga and over a year later, I am so very proud of how far I have come and how much my experience has transformed my life. Chad supported my journey by being very attentive to both my physical, spiritual and emotional development. He made it safe for me to be a beginner and provided specific instruction tailored to my growing strength and flexibility. He gave me the support I needed to stretch and accomplish things that surpassed my beliefs about myself, and always provides encouragement, kindness and connection. He is a model teacher and embodies the principles of Anusara with humility and grace."

Helene Roos, 56 years old, Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant, San Francisco