Chad Stose Yoga


Chad offers both private yoga and yoga therapy consultations. Private consultations are approximately 90 minutes in length, and can be used to design a private yoga practice, deepen an existing practice, heal injuries and relieve chronic pain. Yoga is a moving meditation that improves strength, flexibility, balance and coordination, helps you find ease in your body, release physical, mental, and emotional stress, rebalances metabolism and sleeping patterns, strengthens the immune system and function of the internal organs. Rediscover and enjoy your vitality through yoga developed specifically for you.

Anusara Yoga is one of the most biomechanically advanced forms of yoga available today. Using universal principles of alignment, Anusara Yoga structurally reintegrates the body towards its optimal blueprint, co-participating with the body's natural organizing principles of healing. Anusara Yoga is based on non-dual Tantric philosophy and is characterized by a celebration of the heart. Consequently, students of all levels of ability and yoga experience are honored for their unique differences, limitations, and talents.

Please contact Chad for information regarding private instruction and therapy sessions.

"Chad shows not only an extraordinary understanding of the human body & psyche but also has a generosity of spirit that makes everyone feel welcome and at ease, like he's been your good friend for a very long time. I've had both private and group classes with Chad and even in the group classes, I feel like it's going at my own pace and that I'm getting lots of personal attention. The remarkable thing is that he appears to make everyone feel that way. He challenges your limits in a way that feels good and he is very mindful of injuries and works with you to help resolve them. Chad radiates warmth and an effervescent love for the people in his classes and for the practice of Anusara yoga. I feel very fortunate to be able to learn from him."

Adrian Card, 46, artist, San Francisco